Holy Family Master Works Class




Location: Holy Family Academy

Dates: June 27th-30

Time: Ages 7-12: 9-Noon

Ages 12-Up: 1-4pm

Cost: $200.


What to Bring: All materials are artist grade and will be provided! Please feel free to brink a snack to share.


In this class we are going to choose a master drawing and copy it in graphite or ink each day.  On the last day, we will use paint to recreate one small painting.

This is a class that will show each student that regardless of drawing experience, they can succeed as an artist! Students will begin to speak the language of drawing with none other than – the line. We will see how those stick figures have merit, creating gesture and forming structure. We will see how lines have the ability to define boundaries while at the same time express freely. In this class we will learn about how to “block in,”creating the basic structure for a drawing or painting. We will experiment with quality of line and different ways of discovering relationships between lines. Our exercises are aimed at training the eyes to see “spatially,” as artists. Artists will go home with copies of masterworks done in their own hand.